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Electric Fencing FAQ’s2020-11-04T14:43:59+02:00
If I have alterations done to my fence do I need to renew the C.O.C ?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

Yes, if any changes or extensions are made to the fence a re issue of the certificate is required. However if it is just a repair of the fence it is not required.

What are common faults causing alarm conditions on my electric fence?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

There can be many faults that cause an alarm condition, if you can’t see any obstructions on the fence like a broken or snapped wire, twisted wires, loose HT cables or fence wires unclipped from insulators and touching your steel bracket it may be an energiser fault.

Are all the wires live on an electric fence?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

No, there are earth wires between the live wires which facilitate an alarm condition when an intruder tries to lift the fence or depress the fence wires.

What is the maximum voltage output on an electric fence?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

The voltage on energisers are regulated and a maximum permissible voltage by law 10000 volts, although low voltage can be caused by insufficient earthing.

How do I test if my energiser is faulty?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

It is advisable to get a qualified technician out for testing purposes as they can test the voltage output using appropriate equipment.

Can my fence be connected to my armed response company?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

Yes the energiser can be linked to your armed response company which will alert them during an alarm condition.

How long does the battery backup last during a black out?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

All energisers supplied by fencing boys come standard with a battery backup. Backup up periods are usually between 8 to 24 hours. Other backup systems are also available to last up to 8 to 10 days.

How often should I change my energiser battery?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

Generally a battery should last about 2 years but this time could be shortened by the amount of blackouts and the duration of blackouts. A faulty charging unit could also cause the battery to have shortened life span.

Will an electric fence kill my cat or dog?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

No. As a rule, cats avoid electric fences. They are extremely perceptive to the electromagnetic fields as a result of induction, which causes electrostatic energy. Rub a plastic ruler up and down your arm: your your arm hair becomes full of static – Right! Cats experience the same thing, and so tend to avoid an electric fence.
Dogs will touch the fence only once! No way will they come back for more.
Will it kill them: No.

What are the specifications for electric fence earthing?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

As a requirement 1.2 meter long earth electrodes should be placed every 30 meters along fence line and 3 earth electrodes close to the energiser connected to a lightning diverter and inhibitor.

Do I need lightning protection on my fence?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

As part of the legislation, all fences installed after 2012 require lightning protection as part of a C.O.C requirement.

Is it compulsory to get a certificate of compliance for my fence?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

On a new installation it is law that the company doing the installation issues you with a “C.O.C” . It is also required when a property has been sold and most insurance require a C.O.C when claiming on fence and energiser damage.

How long is certificate of compliance valid?2018-05-14T15:25:47+02:00

A C.O.C is valid for 2 years from date of issue.

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