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Electric Fencing – First Line Defense

A properly installed and maintained Electric Fence is critical to your security and provides first line of defense.

Fencing Boys repairs, designs, supply and installs electric fencing for residential, commercial and industrial applications, using hardware sourced from some of the most trusted manufacturers.

Our work complies in every way to the Electrical Machinery Regulations Act: SANS 10222-3 and SANS 60335-2-76. Only high quality parts, brackets, wire, tensioners and energizers are used for our electrified installations.

Our choice of energizers are manufactured by Nemtek Pty (LTD). We have found them to be the most reliable and trustworthy energizers on the market and replacement components are readily available. They typically produce set voltages of between 7,000 and 11,000 volts. This amounts to a power consumption equivalent to a 40 watt light bulb, thus making its power consumption incredibly reasonable.

Nemtek energizers are backed up with a 2 YEAR GUARANTEE.

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Residential Electric Fencing

Residential electric fencing is generally installed at private homes, small businesses and smaller town house developments.

Fences are usually installed on top of pre-cast, walls, palisade and brick walls. They generally require 6 to 8 stands of wire and square tubing. They are custom fitted to suit the needs of every home owner.

Commercial Electric Fencing

Commercial fencing usually secures high security estates offices, office parks and golf courses.

This fencing is generally of a higher specification and is more often that not installed on top of, in front of, or behind existing walls and fencing. It requires us to cover the fencing from ground level up to, and above the structures with as many as 24 strands of wire. Larger multi-zone energizers are used to power these fences.

We normally use a minimum of 20 x 20 mm galvanized square tubing posts custom-made to suit your perimeter or add on full length rails.

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Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance

Do you require a Certificate of Compliance?

We’re here for you! We can help you with an honest & fair assessment to get your fence compliant. Just give us a call or send us a note here and we will gladly help.

A Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C) is compulsory when selling your property. Certificates (C.O.C) are transferable, but  provided they are less than two years old. This complies with current Government Regulations introduced on 1st December 2012.

Example of a Certificate of Compliance below

COC for electric fences
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Automating Your Access

Gate Motors – Commercial & Residential

With more than a decade’s worth of experience, we provide cost effective and reliable gate automation solutions for your access control needs. We have a wealth of experience and skills (swinging or sliding gates) combined with dedicated hard working staff. Only the highest quality services are delivered.

If you’re experiencing problems with your gate motors not working, don’t delay! For your own security and peace of mind, contact us immediately.

Fencing Boys are also certified to install & repair the Centurion System’s range of gate motors (D2 Turbo, D5 Evo, D10, D10 Turbo gate motors & X-Trac garage door motor).

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In our current environment, automatic gates and garage doors have become an important part of our everyday security concerns. As a result, it’s important that your gate motors always work the way they should.

Advantage motor by Centurion systems

Gates – Commercial & Residential

We do: | Security driveway gates| Electric entrance gates | Security gate designs | Driveway entry gates | Pedestrian gates.

We custom make a range of metal driveway, garden and side gates that showcases your personal designs and styles. Our custom iron gates are available in different metallic colors and its scratch resistant property retains its shine for years to come.

All our custom gates are corrosion resistance, reliable, durable, excellent polish, longer shelf life and damp resistance.

All gates are different, so we also custom make gate frames suitable for timber slats, hardwood slats, metal slats or metal Sheeting; just choose your desired cladding.

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Custom Solutions in Steel

Residential & Commercial Steel Solutions

We specialise in the manufacture and installation of quality wrought iron, steel, fencing, balustrades and custom products for home & business owners, architects and for the building industry.

Our custom made iron products are as individual as you are, made to your own designs to perfectly match the architectural style of your home or commercial property.

We work one on one with you through all stages of development to ensure our solutions are uniquely tailored to your requirements. Our team create our own working drawings and if need be, will work closely with your architect, draftsman or landscape designer to ensure the highest possible standards of craftsmanship.

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Warehouse Security Cages

Wire Security Cages and Partitions

Need help reducing pilferage? Contact us  [ here ] for peace of mind.

Protect your inventory and increase safety by limiting access to sensitive inventory area.

A Security Cage or Containment Area is an economical way to protect people & investments.

Our wire mesh security cages are custom built to be strong, rugged and to withstand harsh environments.

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Frontline Security Doors and Windows

Frontline security doors website logo

Frontline Security Doors are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and assembly standards.

Three Brace Doors With One Star Key Hook lock [E31]

  • 1x Star key hook lock (Slam Lock and Normal options).
  • ONLY steel components used, NO plastic wheels, bottom pins etc.
  • 19x19mm Steel Upright Bars, 1.6mm thick.
  • ONLY stainless steel rivets.
  • 3 rows of cross braces.
  • Steel top and bottom tracks with steel roller bearings and steel bottom pins.
  • Keyed Alike option for multiple security doors

Need help improving your personal security at home? Contact us  [ here ] for peace of mind.

Frontline Window Fixtures

  • 16 X 16mm uprights for a less cluttered look.
  • ONLY Steel parts are used.
  • We do offer a retractable window fixture as an option.
  • Fixed has the appearance of retractable security bars
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Trusted Partners

We partner with the best in the business. Period.

This ensures that our clients are delivered the best products and solutions. If it’s not good enough for Fencing Boys, it’s not good enough for you.

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